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                1. NEWS
                  Inverted microscope mechanical parts
                  Author:administrator    Released in:2013/5/20 11:49:48    Font:【L】【M】【S

                  A lens seat: it is inverted microscope base, is used to support the whole body, just like our feet.
                  The two column is the mirror: mirror seat erect above the part of the inverted microscope, is used to connect the mirror seat 

                  and mirror arm.The three mirror arm: there is one end is used to connect the mirror column, the other end is used for

                  connecting a barrel, an important part is to take the hand inverted microscope.Four lens: it is used to connect the front upper 

                  arm, upper is arranged in the barrel eyepiece, it is equipped with the objective lens converter.The five objective lens converter:

                  it is also called a rotary device, is used for the link below prism shell, also can rotate freely.

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