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                1. NEWS
                  A brief introduction to the microscope
                  Author:administrator    Released in:2013/5/20 11:49:03    Font:【L】【M】【S

                  Reflection and refraction of light is the most basic optics microscope's point of view, we have the following analysis 

                  underprinciple. In fact,light it is through the isotropic medium is symmetrical, with the straight line between two 

                  points as communication, if it is through this a different density of the medium, it will generate a refraction 

                  phenomenon, reason is because the light of different density of medium in the propagation speed at different 

                  time the surface, when the transparentobjects in not to be ableto vertical light it is by the air injection into the 

                  transparent objects, the transparent objects such as glass, so the light can in this interfacecan change direction,

                  and to the normal and to constitute a refractionangle.

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